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MineSweeper HD version

4.7 ( 2807 ratings )
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Utvecklare: roal Co., Ltd.

■Game Description
Relying on the numbers to clear the field, the worldwide classic puzzle game “MineSweeper” is now available in HD version!
Look forward to a simpler and better interface! Challenge yourself to be the fastest mine sweeper!

■Game Features
・An 8x8 (64 tiles) game board with 12 mines, specialized to improve the game’s balance!
・An improved, never before seen interface!
・Share your high-score on the Game Center!
・And of course, you can play for free!

■How to Play and Control
①Choose a tile, and tap on the OPEN button to open it.
②The number on the opened tile will reveal the number of neighboring mines (vertically, horizontally and diagonally).
Game play ends when you select a mine.
Opened empty tiles that do not have mines surrounding it will trigger consecutive empty tiles to open up, making an “empty field”.
③Using the numbers as clues, place the triangular ! mark to flag the tiles which you think might be the mines.
The game is cleared once you’ve flagged all the mines!

■Game Tips
・No matter what, open the tiles!
・Increase your chances of winning by selecting consecutive “empty fields”!
・Mark suspicious tiles with a “?” mark!
・Remember the “1・2・1” rule!
If three successive tiles are marked “1・2・1” and the tiles above or below are not opened yet, the tile neighboring “1” will be a mine, therefore “1・2・1” represents “mine” “number of mines” and “mine”.